Who is Max Keizer and why he thinks that bitcoin will reach 400 thousand dollars


Max Keizer has started promoting bitcoins ever since it was trading against a single dollar, as he believed, and is still convinced of it, that bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency to bet on.

Timothy Maxwell Keizer was born on January 23, 1960 in Westchester County, New York State, and is currently an established journalist, television presenter and film producer.

His first approach to the world of economics and finance was thanks to a part-time job as stock broker at Paine Webber and in the central office of Oppenheimer and Co. Inc.

Over the years in the economic and financial sector, together with Michael R. Burns, he founded the Virtual Specialist technological platform on which the “Hollywood Stock Exchange” operates and which allows the exchange of virtual securities against the “Hollywood Dollar”, virtual convertible.

In addition, Mr. Keizer has produced 10 short films relating to multiple distorting aspects of the financial markets, including: Rigged Markets, Money Geyser, Death of the Dollar, Savers vs Speculators, Banking On It and Private Finance or Public Swindle.

Since 2009 it hosts on the RT – ex network Russia Today – “The Keiser Report”, a television program conducted with his wife Stacy Herbert, which discusses and discusses the most recent financial news and analysis regarding especially the behavioral actions of bankers.

With his wife Stacy, he founded Heisenberg Capital stating that it wants to invest in the best technology teams, people and projects known and deserving of the utmost trust with a propensity towards those companies that operate through bitcoins such as Kraken and Bitpesa.

Max Keiser’s predictions about Bitcoin

In time Mr. Keizer has continually ventured forecasts about growing the bitcoin price up to $ 28,000. Furthermore, he cannot exempt himself from considering the effects of Covid-19 on financial markets, claimed that price growth may extend to reach $ 100,000 and above.

Recently he quantified that further in $ 400,000: a spectacular bullish forecast.

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