Who is General Pappalardo, of the orange vests, who wants to cure Covid with yoga


The man who wore orange vests in the square disobeying all the rules of social distancing comes from the first Republic: he claims that the coronavirus a great deception that can be treated with it yoga, want to return to lira and on trial for vilification to the head of state. The former general of the carabinieri Antonio Pappalardo, born in Palermo in 1946, has been trying to carve out visibility on the stage of Italian politics for years thanks to sorties of various kinds and electoral results not up to his bombastic proclamations: the last, an attempt to make himself elect governor of Umbria, with whom he collected just over 500 votes.

Undersecretary with the PSDI

Career officer within the Arma, Pappalardo passed from the stars to the politician’s grisaille in 1992, when he was elected deputy on the lists of the Social Democratic Party in the college of Rome. In the twilight of the First Republic he manages to even hold the position of Undersecretary for Finance in the government chaired by Carlo Azeglio Ciampi (May 1993). That will also be the zenith of his political parable also because he is forced to resignation after a defamation sentence against the commander general of the carabinieri Antonio Viesti. From there on the ex general passes in rapid succession for the deal by Mariotto Segni, National alliance, the Movement for Autonomies of the then governor of Sicily Raffaele Lombardo, to then return to Psdi. I am quick to position and indulge any protest wind but without ever reaching the goal of an election.

At the head of the pitchforks

Starting from 2016 Antonio Pappalardo puts himself at the head of the so-called Pitchfork movement (or Italy’s Liberation Movement) making itself known for its intemperances. He claims to go to the Quirinale to notify Mattarella of an arrest warrant in the name of the Italian people, deeming his action as president abusive (and remedies a indictment for vilification to the Head of State). Then found the orange vests chromatic variant with which he hopes to imitate the French yellow vests. of In his incendiary speeches in the streets or on social networks he lashes out against the communist regime of which Italy would be prey, proclaims he wants to print money, against the parties and in favor of the Italian people, he sided with the no vaxes. His latest battle was the one against the coronavirus, or rather what the ex-military considers an expedient that only serves to keep the people under house arrest. The demonstration? A friend of mine from Bergamo had the symptoms and recovered from doing yoga, because man made of body but also of mind.

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