Where’s Mario Balotelli? – Brescia newspaper


The Balotelli case is enriched with a new episode. After the Brescia center forward showed up on Friday for a meeting with President Cellino, who had left him to wait half an hour and then not receive him, and that yesterday Mario had been given a day off, this morning was expected, because convened by the club, at the training field at 9.

Balotelli has not been seen. There was also a rumor that he had gone to train at 7.30 to displace the curious, but it has been sharply denied. If it doesn’t even show up this afternoon, the case will become increasingly mysterious.

In the meantime, the attacker intervened on Instagram. «But how can you write that I don’t train at the camp? There are journalists at the center of all my training obviously equipped with cameras – reads the stories -. I didn’t think I was a ghost invisible to telephoto lenses ».

Balotelli’s post

Brescia Calcio, however, confirms the absence of Balotelli. And in the meantime there are those who start talking about early termination of the three-year contract which dissolves in the event of relegation of the swallows to Serie B.