Where does the new Covid-19 Tax nestle


At the dawn of Phase 2 a creative Covid-19 tax appears. And the rags are already flying between consumers and businesses. A lawsuit that brought Codacons to the field, always on the track for the protection of consumer rights. So let’s analyze in detail where the new Covid-19 tax lurks.

Which businesses are under the eye of the storm

Catering establishments, beauty salons and hairdressers are today the spearheads where the Covid-19 tax has made its appearance. Precisely those realities that, perhaps more than others, are bearing the high costs for the sanitation and provision of anti-covid-19 healthcare facilities. However, this would not justify this “tax” which would always go back to the last link in the chain, that is consumers.

Where does the new Covid-19 Tax nestle

From the ongoing surveys, the amount may vary, in principle, from 2 to 4 euros. All of this, it is worth remembering, still takes place in total transparency. It is in fact the receipt that speaks clearly and it does so among the first press reports. It is in fact written in clear notes: “Covid-19 contribution” with 22% VAT. A wording therefore that cannot give rise to different interpretations.

Codacons’ move to protect consumers

While waiting to also know the government’s position on the point, Codacons hypothesizes a “scam” to the detriment of consumers. So letters have already been sent to the Guardia di Finanza and Antitrust. In short, a battle at the last receipt, given that it will also be necessary to ascertain whether it is sporadic or mass episodes.

So no more alarms! And anyway, for now, the advice is always to pay attention to the receipts. And in case of doubt, report any unjustified items with consumer spending to the consumer associations.

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