When and how to witness the passage of 1997 BQ


The giant asteroid 1997 BQ, classified by NASA as ‘potentially dangerous’, travels towards us at around 42 thousand km / h: it has a diameter between 670 meters and 1.5 kilometers.

NASA itself, as well as ESA, explain that, in any case, there is no need to be alarmed. The trajectory is such as to avoid any danger even if – in astronomical terms – the asteroid will “touch” the Earth passing, according to calculations, less than 7.5 million kilometers away (to be precise at 6.2 million kilometres).

The hour X

The asteroid 1997 BQ will make its appearance at 3:45 am on May 22nd.

How to see it

1997 BQ can also be admired from Naples, lying comfortably in bed, without even opening the windows. In fact, there will be a direct streaming of the Virtual Telescope Project. The appointment with the asteroid can also be followed through the official website of ESA or NASA.

True enthusiasts, however, in Naples as in the rest of the planet, will not give up attending the extraordinary natural spectacle, standing with their noses upwards, possibly armed with powerful telescopes

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