Whatsapp, new scam through messages, how to recognize them


The sneaky mechanism of this scam is to steal someone else’s Whatsapp account by making the user believe of security problems

Whatsapp: scam on the way (Pixabay photo)

The news of Whatsapp not always positive. Or rather to the many innovations that the technicians of the well-known application make periodically, we must also put together some unpleasant surprises.

Most are those related to “strange” messages that can be delivered to us. The contents always report security problems and the need to share the application verification code. To be clear, the six-digit one that is delivered via SMS when we log in from another device.

When you come across these kinds of requests it is good to be wary, it is almost certainly a scam. Here’s how it works specifically.

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Whatsapp: how the new message scam works

whatsapp (photo source: Pixabay)

It is a method for take possession of other users’ accounts and unfortunately the mode is far too simple. Just pretend to be tech support Whatsapp and point out security issues that can only be solved by sharing the above code. Once sent, however, the hacker can freely seize the contact without arousing any type of suspicion on the part of the platform.

To catch the bad guys in the first instance they study the virtual behaviors of the “victim”, a technique that serves to understand who the potential subjects could be more easily deceived.

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Not everyone is able to recognize these decidedly incorrect tricks. For this it is good to follow the following dictates when you come across messages sent by unknown senders whose content is vague and cumbersome:

  • Check the profile picture and try to phone if codes are requested;
  • Always be wary of contacts who claim to be Whatsapp technicians. The application rarely sends messages to users and does so only through its official account;
  • Never share any kind of personal information with extraneous contacts;
  • Block and report the number to WA so that those who perform these actions can be banned.

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