WhatsApp, how to use Messenger Rooms for video calls with 50 people


Whatsapp is preparing to welcome a new function: Messenger Rooms. This is the new platform developed by the Menlo Park company that allows you to make video calls with 50 people. For the moment, the tool has been integrated into the beta version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS, but it should soon make its debut also in the official version, given that the official page has already appeared on the app’s website explaining how it works.

For WhatsApp, this is a big change: after raising the limit of video calls from 4 to 8 participants just a few weeks ago, he is now ready for an even more important leap: from 8 to 50. However, some characteristics of this particular must be specified functionality: Messenger Rooms is not integrated within WhatsApp, but is an application in itself. When you decide to make a video call on WhatsApp using this tool, you will be redirected to another application (Facebook Messenger). Moreover. to use Rooms you need to have all the messaging apps updated to the latest version available.

Meaning of Messenger Rooms

Let’s get some clarity on what Messenger Rooms is and how it works. The platform was launched a few weeks ago by Facebook and aims to become a point of reference in the world of video calls and video conferencing. Users have the option of creating rooms in which to hold video conferences and webinars for up to 50 people. In each video call it is possible to create thematic rooms where small workgroups can be brought together, to then hold a plenary meeting all together.

To quickly grow Messenger Rooms, Facebook has decided to integrate the tool into all of its own properties, starting right from WhatsApp and Instagram, where it has already made its debut. Here’s how to use Messenger Rooms within WhatsApp.

How to use Messenger Rooms on WhatsApp

Create a room on WhatsApp it’s very simple. Messenger Rooms is integrated directly into the app and can be reached with a few simple touches.

The easiest way is open WhatsApp, press on Calls tab and then select “Create a room”. Alternatively, you can enter an individual or group chat, press the Attach icon (in the form of a clip) and select Room. There is also a third way to open Messenger Rooms: enter a group chat, press on the handset icon and then “Create a room”.

Once pressed on “Create a room” or on “Room” a message will appear on the screen that warns you about the operation of the instrument and you will have to press on “Continue to Messenger“. This will exit WhatsApp and open Messenger, via the app or on the browser. In order to use Messenger it is necessary to update the app to the latest version available. If you don’t have the application, you will need to log in with your Facebook account.

After passing this step, you have to press on “Try”, then on “Create room as XXX (your name)“And finally on”Room activity“To specify why it is being created. At this point, press”Send link on WhatsApp“To choose the contacts to send the invitation to access the room.

How to access Messenger Rooms as a guest

In addition to creating a room, you can access Messenger Rooms even if it is invited. If you receive the message on WhatsApp, you have to press on the link and the Messenger app or the browser with the web-app will open. To access the room, press Test and then choose whether to enter your name or log in as a guest. At this point, the creator of the call will have to enter you into the video call.

Messenger Rooms is still being released on the official version of WhatsApp and is probably still not available on your profile.

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