WhatsApp, how to send us a message yourself: quick and easy trick


Let’s see another trick on WhatsApp, that is, how to send a message to our mobile number. Let’s find out why this practice is useful.

How to send us a message yourself (Pixabay)

We continue our journey inside the secrets of the most used instant messaging application in the world. Indeed Whatsapp it never ceases to amaze us and it has also been revealed how to send us a message on our own. Many are now wondering why doing such a thing, the reasons are many though. In fact, this trick could be used as a reminder, or for those who practice it smart working to facilitate the sending of links, files and data between your own laptop and the own smartphone.

Knowing all the tricks of the app is important, since it is a tool that we use every day, but above all it is constantly evolving. Only yesterday, in fact, we saw that Whatsapp is ready to add the QR code for adding contacts quickly and safely. So today we are going to discover this simple and fast trick.

WhatsApp, how to send us a message to our contact: revealed the trick

WhatsApp Message
The trick to send us a message yourself (Photo: Pixabay)

Let’s now find out the steps on how to send a message to our own contact.

First of all we will have to create a group chat. But to create it you will need at least one other user, for this we suggest you add a relative or close friend, in order to reveal it and why you added it to the group. Once the group is created, you will have to delete the second contact added, only then will you be able to remain alone in the group chat.

Carried out these two simple steps you can finally send yourself messages and use the group, with only your contact, in the most disparate ways possible. In fact, you can use it as a reminder, or as a page to send yourself files, photos or documents. This is indeed the faster and more comfortable solution to have important files available to carry around, avoiding taking up all the memory of your laptop, or limiting the use of the memory of the same smartphone.


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