WhatsApp, how to enter without appearing online: the new trick


If you want to enter WhatsApp without appearing online to your contacts, there is a simple and fast method that allows you to be invisible

Whatsapp, how to view messages without being online (Getty Images)

Among the messaging apps available in the stores of the various smartphones, the most downloaded and used is undoubtedly Whatsapp. With over 2 billion downloads, it has entered the common imagination for years. This is because it offers many features that make it unique. From audio notes to the possibility of sending photos and videos, up to group video calls.

If there is one thing that, however, makes your nose turn up to users of the app messaging is the obligation to appear online once you open the chat. At the moment, the giant of Zuckerberg only gives the possibility to take away the last access, but not to be completely invisible. Or at least, not officially. There is indeed a quick and easy trick which allows you to do this.

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WhatsApp, the free app to be invisible

There is a third-party app that allows you to do this for free (Pixabay)

If you don’t want to appear online every time you open Whatsapp, there is a free third-party app that will allow you to do this quickly and easily. Is called Unseen, and is currently only available for Android (click here to download). This functionality, completely free and above all legal, gives you the opportunity to read your messages in total tranquility and without appearing online.

By logging on Unseen, it will also be possible to read the new messages received resulting offline. Also, if you have active the last access, this app guarantees the ability to read everything, leaving the “official” time of Whatsapp.

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