Whatsapp, check the verification code scam: what it is


Danger for Whatsapp users who must pay attention to messages that require the verification code: what it is and how it works


To whom has never happened to receive messages from contacts of Whatsapp not present in your address book, there is nothing strange. The problem is when these messages refer to security problems inherent in one’s account and the need to share the application verification code. The latter is the 6-digit pin that WA sends when we log in from other devices. What we have just described is a scam attempt by those who want to get the accounts of normal users.

The striking example comes from paraguay, where a boy received a message from a phantom technician from Whatsapp. The text of the message is quite outline, but inside it refers to an attempt to gain unauthorized access to the user’s account. At that point you are asked to urgently share the verification code that he would arrive shortly thereafter sms. The message ends with reassurances “from the official staff of Whatsapp“And the certainty that nobody would get hold of his account. This turned out to be one, however fraud full blown.

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Whatsapp and the verification code deception: how it works


The techniques that are used in the verification code scam are based on social engineering. The offenders first carefully study the behavior of the bait and its movements on themessaging app, then decide when to act. At that point, if the user falls into the trap, he will be in a few minutes deprived of the account on their device. Obviously, scammers play a lot on the urgency of the matter, pretending to be technicians, and not giving people the opportunity to think clearly and quickly.

In addition to the usual advice on distrust from unknown numbers, we recommend that you report the number a WA so that, after appropriate checks, it comes banned.

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