WhatsApp, beware of the hoax message: it’s a virus


Let’s go back to talking about hoaxes and WhatsApp, due to a message that has been circulating in these hours. I targeted iPhones, but also paid attention to Android

A hoax spins on the app in these hours (Photo: Getty)

Despite numerous updates from Whatsapp, some dangerous messages continue to run in the form of Catena di Sant’Antonio. Just in these hours Whatsapp he is threatened by a hoax message that tends to mainly affect him iPhone, but which could also be dangerous on Android.

The message, in fact, reads exactly: “This application is no longer shared with you“. According to the first studies on the origin of the message, in fact, it should be nothing more than another chain of Saint Anthony ready to defraud the most gullible users who use the messaging application. According to experts, the message is received mainly on Samsung is Huawei, two of the most famous smartphone brands in Italy.

In this case, we recommend ignoring the message if not deleting it from the conversation. Only in this way can you avoid running into some malware which could damage the phone.

WhatsApp, what the offending message implies

Whatsapp message
How to avoid the hoax message (via Pixabay)

But you have to be very careful when turning these messages, especially if they have the writing: “this app is no longer shared with you“. In fact, very often, behind these messages there is always an attacker who through these chains are ready to infect systems.

In fact they could be transmitted to the cellphone of the malware within these pages. Fortunately, many cell phones are equipped with Malwarebytes, ready to nip these viruses in the bud.

Obviously, as always, we invite everyone not to click on links embedded with this message, since it could be against a virus. You need to be even more careful if you are in possession of a iPhone, but also you have a dispsoitivo Android as Huawei, Samsung is Honor.


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