Whatsapp, beware of iPhone backups: they are not protected


We must pay attention to the backups of Whatsapp in the iPhone version: they are unprotected and could end up in the hands of the attackers

As we all know, for some time now, Whatsapp has taken a step forward in terms of security by inserting the end-to-end encryption in chats. This technology is based on a system of encrypted communication in which the messages are not readable by third parties.

Unfortunately, however, as regards the version dedicated to iPhone, a flaw has been found regarding backups. In fact, they are not equipped with the same system as above and confirmation comes from the official Faq of the app. This allows malicious third parties to access some sensitive data and can also steal entire chats.

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Whatsapp and the iPhone backup problem: an update is ready


The application bug is seeing experts from Facebook Inc. at work to release a new update and solve the security problem once and for all. At the moment the new version it is not yet available because it is still being tested, but it may be available in a short time. Obviously it will see protected then both i average that the messages.

Meanwhile, the latest study conducted by Blogmeter sees Whatsapp win unchallenged among existing messaging apps. Among young people, as regards social networks in general, they grow TikTok is Twitch. Rather still dominate Facebook among the over 45 audience.

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