“What’s in their hands”, its end (and that of the judiciary?) – Libero Quotidiano


The procedural material on the Rome prosecutor Luca Palamara, sent by the prosecutor of Perugia to the general prosecutor of the Court of Cassation, “is composed of a considerable number of acts, including several tens of thousands of sms and chat, largely of content unrelated to the subject matter of the procedures. “a special group of deputy general prosecutors “. In short, from the prosecutor filter out rumors that will scare, a lot of fear in Palamara.

Meanwhile, in light of the latest events League and Fdi they clearly ask that the President of the Republic intervene, even dissolving the CSM. Matteo Salvini he asked that “Mattarella dissolve the CSM” and proposed a reform of the election of the Council which foresees “the drawing of lots”. Giorgia Meloni he asked that the head of state take a position. And after Alfonso Bonafede’s proposed reform of the CSM, all the parties raised, although each with different recipes. Colle watches, but does not think of dissolving the CSM and there is no precedent for a President of the Republic who has dissolved the Superior Council of the judiciary.

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