What Vincenzo De Luca thinks of civic assistants


AGI – “We can console ourselves: the government has decided to revive the movement of Ubertino da Casale and Jacopone da Todi after 8 centuries, a mystical experience with 60 thousand volunteers who will go around with the habit with the words’ repent, it’s guilty your ”. The President of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca thus ironic about the Government’s decision to recruit civic assistants “to do moral suasion. They will not be able to pay a fine to those who do not have a mask, to those who do not keep their distance, will not be able to control the nightlife or the traffic. But they’ll bring the good news around, “adds De Luca sarcastically. “I hope – he concludes – that they don’t come knocking at home at 3 in the afternoon when one has just dozed off for the nap to refresh the many tensions that come from Rome”.

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