what to do not to lose it


Bike bonus, the risk of a click day it becomes more and more concrete: the resources allocated only 120 million for the new incentive for sustainable mobility.

There is therefore the possibility that, for when the Ministry of the Environment platform is operational (the so-called Phase 2 of the purchase) i funds are already terminated.

What to do not to lose the bike bonus? The main question is whether the measure will be refinanced or not.

On this point both the Minister of Gods are working Transportation Paola de Micheli that the minister ofEnvironment Sergio Costa: in the Senate hearing, both urged MPs to find further coverage during the conversion process of the Decree relaunching the Chambers.

Click day risk bike bonus: what to do in order not to lose it

The accounts don’t come back: for the bike bonus the relaunch decree has allocated only 120 million euros. The contribution for the alternative mobility, designed to avoid gatherings on public transport and dilute traffic, covers the 60% of the expense carried out up to a maximum of 500 euros.

As for the timing, the bonus is valid retroactively from May 4 last, until as of December 31, 2020.

Trying to assume an average bonus of 250 euros, the funds would be enough for only 480,000 purchases.

That’s why it becomes more concretehypothesis of a click day to grab the bonus. How not to lose it? For now the number one of the ministries involved, that is Environment and Transport, are doing pressure in Parliament for the measure to be refinanced.

To find out, we will have to wait for the conversion law of the relaunch law decree. Until then, better hurry.

Click day risk bike bonus: the funds are insufficient

One of the biggest problems is related to timing: to obtain a refund of 60% of the expenses incurred to buy new or used bicycles, both traditional and pedal assisted; hand bikes; scooters; hoverboard; segway; shared mobility services for individual use you have to wait for the platform of the Ministry of the Environment both operational.

For now there is no web application launch date, but there is one deadline: must be online within 60 days from May 19th, or from the date on which the Relaunch Decree came into force.

It is through the platform that you will have to ask for the refund:

  • those who purchased in Phase 1, that is when the web application was not yet operational, will have to attach the invoice (and not the receipt) in the refund request;
  • those who want to buy in Phase 2 using the direct discount, through the web application will generate a digital shopping voucher.

The problem is that, by the time the platform is online, the resources may already be exhausted, and therefore not only the purchases in Phase 2 may simply not exist, but also those who purchased in Phase 1 may never be reimbursed for their expenses.

It is undoubtedly one big disappointment the one that falls on many taxpayers who hoped to give a “green turn” to their lives, taking advantage of state incentives: the surge in sales in the last few days also confirms this.

All that remains is to hurry to buy the new two-wheeled vehicle, and hope that the measure will be refinanced.

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