What tax deductions are paid to pensioners?


Let’s analyze the tax deductions that are due to pensioners and if there are others that may escape but which could appear in the income tax return. All pensioners already know the flat rate which starts automatically with the presentation of income models. The now retired taxpayer knows that in proportion to the increase or decrease in total income, the flat-rate measure of the tax relief also varies.

In the previous article we analyzed “What are the dependent family members and how long should the children be listed in 730”. Now, however, we will explain what tax deductions are due to pensioners and whether there are additional concessions whose existence is perhaps unknown.

What tax deductions are paid to pensioners?

We must consult article 13 of Presidential Decree no. 917/1986 to understand how to benefit from the deductions to which pension income recipients are entitled. Specifically, paragraph 3 of the aforementioned article 13 governs the allowance of the deductions in reference to one or more income that comes from pensions.

According to the provisions of the TUIR, the amount of the deduction will be equal to 1,880 euros if the declared income does not exceed 8000 euros. It follows for the pensioner the recognition of a deduction of not less than 713 euros. If, on the other hand, in the declaration “the total income is greater than 8000 euros but not 15,000 euros”, the deduction will be 7000 euros.

On the other hand, pensioners whose incomes amount to more than € 15,000 and less than € 55,000 total are due to a deduction of € 1,297.

There are also specific concessions for foreign pension recipients according to the provisions of Law no. 145/2018. In particular, article 24-ter of Presidential Decree no. 917/1986 of the TUIR provides for the subject to a tax with a rate of 7%. The recipients of this substitute tax are pensioners who move to a municipality with less than 20 thousand inhabitants in some Italian regions.

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