what solution for the next season?


(G. C.) – The farewell of Andrea Gianni from the position of general manager confirms that certain roles, a Reggio Calabria, at least in recent years, they are definitely very uncomfortable.

The youth sector of Reggina he is already on the second manager, while the office of general manager is already on the third “round”. After the lawyer Iiriti, he also left the lawyer Gianni, arrived less than 12 months ago after the sudden farewell of the intermediary that allowed the transfer of ownership.

Come on another? There are basically two hypotheses: internal solution or the name of a new professional? Certainly it seems quite complicated to leave the box free, considering the very important powers in the hands of the managing director of a football club.

In recent months, Gianni has been practically “exonerated” from his duties, despite the fake silences of information for convenience, clearly something has led to a break, which then took place in a non-traumatic way with the property: now look to the future.

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