Now we know that the championship will start again even if we don’t know if it will end. In this great contradiction we will play the next few weeks. Jumping from the joy of reviewing our games to the fear that we will stop again, perhaps blocked by a “quarantine” because that knot has not yet been resolved or perhaps they have not really wanted to dissolve it. It was and remains the weak link in the chain, but it was preferred not to address the issue. The hope is that from now on no members will be found positive and in the event that this does not happen, that team would be blocked and lose some matches. Playing a game every three days would be a disaster to accumulate a new delay. We will only understand what will happen on the street, in the meantime we will try to start again even if the litigation rate for the calendar and the Italian Cup is back in line with the past. Without forgetting the controversy of the players who do not want to play in the afternoon in the summer. Go ahead anyway and we’ll see, that’s more or less the motto.

We start talking about football and therefore also about schemes. More or less offensive teams. There is curiosity to find out that Fiorentina will see us back at work. Improved or worsened? More inclined to defend oneself in order to conquer the salvation points in the shortest time possible or more reckless and offensive to try to climb the rankings? There will be 12 games to play, i.e. 36 points to be won, in short, a third of the championship. We had forgotten about it, but this final segment of the season is no joke. Everything is at stake. Iachini, however, is highly motivated and has his own valid reasons. The words of Commisso about a confirmation, not only for him, to mature during this season of the championship, puts the coach from Ascoli in the spotlight. For this and more Beppe will ask his men to play hard. Of course, at the maximum of the minimum, considering the precarious condition, an equatorial heat and the risk of accidents, which has now become a serious issue for everyone. Fiorentina will try to start quickly to collect immediately those points necessary to declare the salvation practice closed. And then it will be all downhill. Here, at that moment, we believe, there will be more space for foamy ideas, based on fantasy tridents, using the whole park forwards. Surely all this generates curiosity, there is a desire to admire the post-Coronavirus Fiorentina. Vlahovic’s goal game was hailed as something epic because he is hungry for the ball. There is also a great desire to admire Ribery again, absent for months and months. And with the French all the others, starting with Chiesa and Castrovilli, home jewels.

These games will also serve the company to develop the definitive market strategies, judging better who deserves to be confirmed and who instead of being accompanied to the door. What was usually the football holiday period has now suddenly become the top juncture of the season.

Finally, so to speak, the stadium. It was another week of words, rumors, news, rumors and bilateral annoyances on the Florentine-political axis. Once again, where ever it was needed, it has been clarified how Rocco is interventionist and not wait-and-see. He also accelerated on Campi to send unequivocal signals. Other than the restructuring of the Franks, it goes out of common to make the stadium. The fans are with him, they understand that Rocco is serious. Little talk, many facts. Even in Campi there will be political and bureaucratic obstacles to overcome, but Rocco will not go back an inch. The final challenge has begun. It will be intense, but Rocco, in fact, is serious.



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