“What is the capital of Israel?”, The criticisms overwhelm Rai and Flavio Insinna – Libero Quotidiano


A case a The legacy of Flavio Insinna, the quiz broadcast on Rai 1 in prime time. The question was simple: what is the capital of Israel? And the competitor in question replied: “Tel Aviv”. Too bad that Insinna immediately corrected it: “No, Jerusalem“And the case broke out: who is right? Tel Aviv was the capital of Israel and is still home to several foreign embassies. Israel, for its part, has proclaimed Jerusalem as its capital. However, the UN has, according to several resolutions, as well as many other states, never recognized Jerusalem as the capital. obvious criticism against Raiaccused of being pro-Israel. “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, with all due respect to the left, the Palestinians and anti-Semites,” wrote someone. And again, on social media: “Rai’s deep bow to Israel, Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel.” Finally, obviously, there were those who said they found the payment of the fee absurd in the face of such an answer.

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