“What if Wanda was the best of all? She did an operation …”


The words of the well-known journalist

Speaking to the microphones of Calciomercato.com, Mario Sconcerti, known journalist, said his on Wanda Nara and her role as agent of Mauro Icardi: “What if Wanda Nara was the best of all? What if he could do better than Raiola? The only player today without a contract but already with a renewal at the old football prices is Icardi, his client. Wanda signed a 10 million a year deal with PSG for four years last September when Icardi was still with Inter.

An old-fashioned sum subscribed five before the arrival of the virus and seven months before any cut in wages. A spectacular operation. I know little Mrs. Icardi: some talk shows and some interviews in the newspapers. Lots of bold photos alone or on the boy’s body that I would have spared. I have always given her great respect a priori because a woman, who is beautiful by profession, has five children in a few years, which means that she puts the family in front of herself. I respect that deeply. The rest are his and ever better things for his client. ”




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