What if the Fiat Tipo turns (also) into a crossover?


Since its inception, the new Fiat Tipo has tried to meet the different needs of motorists by offering itself in 3 different types of bodywork: 2 volumes, sedan and station wagon. An extended range which, however, still lacks a fundamental element: the high-wheeled variant.

A shortcoming which, according to colleagues at Auto Express, could be filled soon, already starting from the restyling expected by the end of the year. According to the rumors (and the spy photos of a month or so ago) in fact the range will expand with an unprecedented Fiat Tipo crossover, with a slightly raised set-up and a more “rough” appearance compared to the current variants.

Dirt yes, offroad no

The Fiat Tipo would therefore replicate the formula of the Ford Focus Active (for example), namely one version with slightly raised trim, some black plastic cover on the bodywork. A different look but without any off-road ambition, but only to tackle higher than normal sidewalks or simple dirt roads with greater serenity.

But it will only be a first step towards a transformation of the Fiat Tipo which, with the new generation (expected in no earlier than 3 years) could also be transformed in a real SUV, to rival Nissan Qashqai (expected with the new generation) and Volkswagen Tiguan. Only 2 examples of a segment, that of compact, rich and varied SUVs.

Family matter

The Fiat Tipo could thus give birth to one real family of models, as already happened with the Fiat 500 and the future Fiat Panda destined (according to a recent interview with the number one of the Casa Olivier Francois) to create a range of 4 different variants. From a single model then to a sort of “sub brand” united by floor and style, however declined in different body variants.

A platform that could change with the new generation and become the CMP of the PSA Group, ready to merge with FCA, to give the new Fiat Tipo more and more technology and – why not – even one 100% electric version.

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