What does Serie A mean with the algorithm? So would change the ranking


Yesterday’s announcement by the president of the Football Federation, Gabriele Gravina, obviously aroused great interest and curiosity

“In the event of a definitive stop to the championship, we will resort to an algorithm that will take into account various factors related to the results on the field with objective elements for defining the ranking”. Yesterday’s announcement by the president of the Football Association, Gabriele Gravinaobviously has aroused great interest in all football fans.

But what does “classification determined by an algorithm” mean specifically? Corriere dello Sport tried to answer this question.

“The further alternative, or plan C, is the crystallization of the ranking. The federal president spoke of an algorithm that takes into account a number of factors, such as the matches played, the number of home and away matches, as well as the results of direct matches. The result should be a coefficient that projects the classification on the 38th day. Yes, but Serie A also wants to present itself on the board with its plan C. It means that a summary will have to be made. And it is not certain that such an easy path will prove to be. ”




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