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Day after day the dark plots are emerging between magistrates, CSM and newspapers to put them out of the game Matteo Salvini. Anyone who thought that the chats about the former Interior Minister (“Una m *** a, he is right but must be attacked”) were an isolated case, must think again: the plan was very complex, to the point that they also came to light the moves of Giovanni Legnini, vice-president of the CSM and under-secretary of two Pd-led governments, to get the Council to intervene in support of the investigation into the landing of immigrants from the ship Diciotti.

On that occasion, according to the reconstruction of The truth – who published other interceptions – four CSM councilors (including of course Luca Palamara) invoked the intervention of the Council to defend “the independence of the judiciary“That Salvini would have endangered. Among other things, Legnini had made use of the excellent relations with a part of the press, immediately getting relaunched on the website of Republic the message packaged in just 24 hours with the aim of discrediting Salvini and enhancing the judiciary above the parties.

It is in fact on August 24, 2018 when Legnini contacts Palamara: “Luca, tomorrow we have to say something about the well-known story of the ship”. The councilor’s response is not long in coming. “Okay, I’m ready too. I’ll call you later and I’ll update you. ” Legnini insists: “Yes, but you have to make a note in the morningin short, something ”. Then Palamara receives another message: “We must hurry! I have already prepared a draft request. Before talking to the others, let’s agree it. ” They must have done very early, given that the next day, August 25, Republic first and foremost, the press agencies report four councilors at Palazzo dei Marescialli, including Palamara, who ask to include the migrants case on the agenda of the first plenum of the CSM.

“The nature of some magistrates’ actions against myself has been revealed,” said the secretary of the League, who is taking his personal revenge after the instrumental attacks suffered during the government experience: “I am sure that the head of state will not he will remain indifferent: the credibility of the entire Italian judiciary is affected, the situation is now intolerable and drastic, rapid and decisive interventions are needed for the good of the country “. For the moment, though, Sergio Mattarella continues to remain silent: officially not a word has been said about the incredible interceptions that are emerging and overwhelming the judiciary.

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