what did American power show (really) to the world?


The coronavirus it is exposing the strengths and weaknesses of each individual nation and government.

Even the world’s number one power, the United States, has shown different faces in his society. The impact of the pandemic, in fact, has exposed more than ever the political, cultural, social structure of the much admired and rich nation.

Although the time for the administration’s management of the virus is not yet ripe Trumphowever, some characteristics – not really exciting – of the United States. An analysis of The Guardian highlighted them.

USA: if the coronavirus disaster is racial

The coronavirus should be, on paper, an infection in the name of equality: it affects anyone, without race distinctions.

Still, the differences have been there, and very evident also in the United States.

Now that the nation has surpassed 100,000 victims, it has become clear that the pandemic is tantamount to a racial disaster of staggering proportions. The data collected by APM Research Lab from 40 states have shown that African Americans they are killed almost three times more by the epidemic than whites.

In Kansas, blacks are seven times more likely to die of viruses than white Americans. In Missouri, Wisconsin and Washington DC the ratio is six times.

Such distortions very visible also a New York City, considered almost a laboratory on virulent racial inequality USA.

Data released showed that when city postcodes are ranked by highest mortality rate, eight of the top 10 have a majority of black or Latin populations. None of the 10 are in the rich Manhattan, mostly white.

How to explain this impact? Administration Trump he said that the high death rate of black Americans is due to the fact that they were already “unhealthy”. But precisely this reason should be studied in depth, because often the neglect of diseases is due to poverty endemic to this part of the population, afflicted by non-existent healthcare.

Decades of segregation, decrepit housing, unemployment, police brutality, poor hospitals, lack of health insurance, ruined schools have marked the fate of many black citizens in the US for decades.

The same applies to discrimination inaccess to tests and cures for the virus, which has increased the chances of black people getting infected and then dying from the disease.

As a philosopher from Harvard University, Cornel West suggested: “The virus encounters deeply racist structures and institutions”.

A bleak picture for the United States.

Coronavirus: is it the disease of the poor in the USA?

Coronavirus in America is a disease of the poor. This is the opinion of Rev. William Barber, co-president of the campaign of the poor.

Social inequality is a scourge in the US, regardless of the pandemic. 41 million people officially live in poverty. Barber’s theory is that billionaires have almost made money 500 million dollars during this period of blockade, while the “essential workers” have not even received guaranteed health care, a subsistence wage or a sufficient water supply.

In addition, many destitute people have been forced to work for subsistence rather than staying home in protection.

Data on actual mortality among low-income Americans is known they are not yet official, but it is clear that the poorest counties have been hit hard.

This is evident in Southern States such as the Louisiana and theAlabama, where low-income people are dying in high proportions due to a combination of lack of health insurance, hospital closings and policies pursued by governors who have exposed vulnerable citizens to danger.

The coronavirus has made an old story visible again in the USA, according to The Guardian’s analysis, as evidenced by the endless queues at the canteens for the poor.

Disinformation at the time of the virus: USA targeted

Since the beginning of the crisis, the USA president showed some contempt for the facts. On February 27, the day the country registered the first coronavirus victim, it predicted that the infection would disappear with a miracle.

It continued to spread unfounded claims that coronavirus started in a Chinese laboratory. It also promoted untested and potentially life-threatening treatments, including disinfectant is hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug, which has been revealed to be taking. Meanwhile, the treatment was withdrawn worldwide because it was not ascertained.

With the example of Trump, the disinformation it has spread widely, unexpectedly and dangerously among American people. In the past six weeks, for example, there has been an explosion of conspiracy theories on social media about the outbreak.

A staggering series of unfounded news has flooded the USA, generating even more uncertainty and alarmism.

These are some of the faces of America in the days of coronavirus. An unprecedented crisis, this of the pandemic, which is making discover the dark sides of every nation, even the most powerful in the world.

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