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Binotto has not hidden that the relocation of staff and resources required by the budget cap in Formula 1 could suggest the landing of the redhead in IndyCar. But which in turn would be heavily remodeled by its arrival

It makes us discuss, in the United States, the opening of Ferrari to a future not too far away in IndyCar. The team principal, Mattia Binotto, made this clear in a recent interview with Sky Sport Italia: the budget cap in Formula 1 makes it necessary to relocate staff and resources that would no longer have a place in that paddock. “And Ferrari – Binotto guaranteed – feels a lot of social responsibility towards its employees”.

All happy

So alternatives are needed, and one, probably the most plausible, perhaps even the most fascinating is the Indy Car. A fascination that would be reciprocal: many in America would also be happy to have the Cavallino on the grid.

Andretti “pushes”

It is not for nothing that this solution is also suggested and advocated by Mario Andretti, who is the living link between the two worlds, that of Ferrari and Formula 1 on one side and that of the American championship with uncovered wheels on the other. In a project that would immediately recall that of the Ferrari 637, a red one designed more to threaten the FIA ​​than to really race. But that was born, in 1986, with the idea of ​​participating in the then Cart championship. Which never happened. But it is true that in Enzo Ferrari’s wishes, and in a sense in the soul of the whole company, the desire to win the Indianapolis 500 one day has always been there.

In 2022 hybrid engines in Indy

“We started evaluating alternative programs – confirmed Binotto – including endurance and other series. It is true that we are examining the IndyCar, which is currently a very different category from F1 but which with the change of regulation expected in 2022 can be attractive “. That is: hybrid engines (900 horsepower) will be introduced in Indy from 2022, a technology on which Ferrari has gained its good experience that could come in handy. This also applies to Honda, of course (not for Chevrolet, though), but it could already be a strong position.

The end of the flagship store?

Of course it sounds strange to even think of a Ferrari with a non-Ferrari chassis, according to what are the rules of Indy, where the chassis is single-brand, built since 2009 by Dallara. And this is one of the big questions: according to many American observers, Ferrari’s entry, in addition to expanding the range of motorists, could be the event that opens the door to epochal novelty. Because it is true that many teams are very satisfied with the quality / cost ratio offered by the Dallara single-manufacturer, but it may be that the new Penske property – in order to have Ferrari – agrees to have more chassis manufacturers. Or, conversely, that Ferrari can use to get to that goal.

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