What are the Google Maps Plus Codes and how to best use them


It is probably not the most used Google Maps function, yet the Plus Codes are really very comfortable, but above all useful, to share the position of certain places, especially when there is no available route. In this article we explain what they are, and how to best use them on iOS, Android, and also from PC or Mac.

In very simple words i plus code they work like addresses, even when an address is not available. A plus code, as the name suggests, is basically a code that the user can use or share to find an exact place on Google Maps, whether it is his home, business or another place.

A plus code is made up of 6 or 7 letters and numbers, and a city. This unique code identifies, precisely, a place on the map, and is particularly interesting and useful when you want to identify a place that, for example, has no address. However, Plus Codes work on any location on the map, even those identified by an address.

How to find the plus code:

Up Android and iOS smartphones or tablets simply open the Google Maps app, or even the mobile version on the web, click and hold a place to insert a placeholder on Google Maps. At this point, at the bottom, touching the address or description of the chosen place, you will have the Plus Code for example 8439VCW3V + PG. As said, the Plus Code also contains the name of the city, but if this is not available, it will be replaced by a code. Likewise, from the web, simply click any point on the map, so as to add a placeholder, then click on the name or description of the place that appears below, and in doing so in the tab on the left you will have, as the first item, the Plus Code of the chosen place .

By clicking on the Plus Code, it will be copied to the clipboard, on iOS or Android, and it will be possible to paste it in any text field, then in a message, or an email. In short, you can easily share it with anyone.

This Plus code will serve to find the desired place. And in fact, simply open Google Maps on iOS, Android, but also from the web, paste the previously copied Plus Code in the address search bar, which will immediately show you the exact desired point on the map. By starting the navigation, Google Maps will take you to the exact desired position.

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