What about the Serie C? Regular season impossible, the Federal Council decides. The future is at stake


More than calendars, there is politics to be talked about here. The meeting between Minister Spadafora and the FIGC members, led by President Gravina, led to the government’s go-ahead for the resumption of professional football in Italy. But, as far as the C Series is concerned, the road to climb is still long.

No certainties. After taking a rejection on all fronts on the last occasion, the Lega Pro gathered its board and made new proposals. The resumption of regular season it is considered unworkable by clubs and their doctors, with very few exceptions. For this reason, the third series proposes the promotion of the first three (Monza, Vicenza, Reggina), the relegation of five teams (Gozzano, Rimini and the last three of the group C where the distance points do not allow the playouts). Then playout for the fourth promoted and playout for the other relegations. Not everyone is happy, actually, in the third series. In fact, only those companies that can afford a totally unpredictable expense at the beginning of the season could participate in the playoffs. And some, especially in Group B where the gap from the top is somewhat limited, argue that the top three should also participate.

The Federal Council will decide. To compose the different positions, the FIGC must intervene, who has substantially free hands on the format of this season and the next, with very little fear of appeals thanks to the DL Relaunch. The appointment is set for the beginning of June: initially the 8th was convened, more than likely the 4th or 5th is held. And the tension between the components, with the reform ventilated by the Balata-Sibilia axis by a side and the opposition of Ghirelli, will be palpable again.


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