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Claudio Savelli

There is an advantage that nobody can deny Mario Balotelli: transparency. If he is interested in something, you can see, if instead he does not touch it, he makes it clear. The problem is that he often does not care about working for clubs, if it is true that not even the Brescia, which should have become “his” as the city is, has conquered him. Mario has made it clear in recent weeks: rather than going to the sports center to train, he preferred to stay at home. The sessions were optional, of course, but it is one more reason to expect a gesture from a leader, or presumed one. Balotelli returned to training one day after the official resumption of collective training. Monday, he said, was unwell. It surprised everyone except the president Cellino, with which relations have been tense for some time. The latter assigned to the ds Stefano Cordonand the burden of dialogue: they talked for a long time (Cellino did not even receive it, according to Ansa, making him do half an hour in the anteroom), going so far as to say what was evident, namely that Mario no longer believes in Brescia. But if Balotelli is the first to not believe it anymore, why should the club do it? And in fact the version of Cellino, equally transparent to the BBC, was not long in coming: “Mario does not seem very interested in the future of the club: he does not show up for training”.

The president’s strategy is clear: the Brescia striker can be an alibi for the group, which expects goals from him (few so far: 5 in 19 appearances) and to be dragged, so it is better to cancel it. Also because, however it goes, Mario’s future in Brescia is a mirage: Cellino explains that «Balotelli has a contract for the A league but not for the Bso if we go back, will be released», But even if a miraculous salvation were to arrive,« he no longer likes being in Italy, according to his behavior ». While Cellino’s statements rebound, Balotelli continues in individual sessions, a few meters away from the group led by Mr. Lopez. He is not the only one to train alone, but it is clear that his detachment from the team is not only physical, but also and above all emotional. According to Cellino, “the mistake belongs to both”. Of a president who believed he could “stimulate him, making him play in Brescia, his city”, and of a player who doesn’t allow himself time to settle down and play with serenity. If the affective marriage is broken, that of mutual interests may remain standing (reevaluate, dragging a team to -9 from third last place to safety), instead resignation prevails which leads to divorce. Balotelli and the president are expected to agree on the extension of the contract beyond June 30, but the former is selfless, the latter is furious, and neither of the two plans to sit at the table. It is the only point on which they are aligned. Goodbye and thanks. So the 0-3 suffered at Sassuolo on 9 March, could prove to be the last game played by Balotelli with the Brescia shirt (with some rumors that even speak of possible withdrawal, even at 30 years). And perhaps it is right that it should be so: after all, it is the faithful portrait of a season to forget for both.

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