Well Emiliano and Zaia, down De Luca: governors ‘sentiment’


Michele Emiliano, Luca Zaia and Marco Marsilio are the governors with the highest sentiment. Only tenth Vincenzo De Luca, who has lost several percentage points in recent weeks. This is what emerges from the analysis of ‘Spin Factor’, a leading company in strategic political and business consultancy, through ‘Human’, its web and social listening platform developed in collaboration with the Social Observatory, which analyzed the online satisfaction of Region presidents drawing up the top ten.

The gap between the governor of Puglia and Veneto was only half a point, respectively with a positive of 42% the first and 41.50% the second, which however has a much lower negative, 4.04% against 10.87 %. Good performance also by the governor of Abruzzo, Marco Marsilio, in third place and by his colleague from Emilia Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini, in fourth. Both with positive sentiment above 40%.

In the lower part of the top ten we find in seventh place Attilio Fontana, with a rating of 36.25%. Only tenth, however, Vincenzo De Luca, with 35.26% positive and with the highest negative of the top ten, 13.22%. “What happened in phase 1 and at the beginning of phase 2 is no longer valid now that we are moving towards total reopening. The request for health security was replaced by that of economic security “, explains Tiberio Brunetti, founder and administrator of Spin Factor.

“In this sense, those Presidents rise who have implemented concrete and effective solutions while those who have dedicated themselves more to media exposure and to polemic polarization with certain categories fall-continues Brunetti-. Emiliano and Zaia are the example of courageous governors who they did not immediately think of quick consensus, but they dedicated themselves to putting in place effective economic policies that have found positive feedback in their citizens in the medium term “.

“It must be said that in any case, all the general data shared by all the Presidents is very high. The positive sentiment of political leaders hardly exceeds 30%, while from our data we have 16 governors out of 20 who abundantly exceed the figure. 12 out of 20 exceed 35% and 40 even 40. A sign that in this phase the President of the Region is seen as the closest institution to listen to and follow or contest “, he continues.

“These data make us understand how the consensus evolves very quickly. From here we understand that the regional ones will be a game in itself, whether you vote in July or, to an even greater extent, that you vote in September. The central theme the campaign will be the lack of money and a very strong weight will have the national force of the coalitions that will be reflected in the territory “, he concludes.

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