Weather, large hail coming: where and when. June 2 …



Weather, large hail coming: where and when

Weather forecast: plot twist in the bridge on 2 June. Large hail arriving. Here’s where and when.

Weather, large incoming hail: where and when – WEATHER FORECAST

The high pressure has returned to our country by raising temperatures and bringing the sun everywhere. The thermometers recorded a stable and apparently summery climate, without the typical heat of August. But soon something will change.

Until Thursday the climate will remain pleasant all over Italy, except for some passing storms over Molise and Puglia. In the following days an unstable front will block the high pressure in the East, causing cooler air flows. With the passing of the hours these will become more insistent and will give rise to gusts of wind up to 80 km / h. The most affected areas will be Puglia, in particular the coasts where storms will occur, and the central-southern Adriatic Sea.

On Friday, bad weather will worsen and thunderstorms will return. The winds will become even colder.

Weekend weather: even large hailstorms

Starting on Saturday temperatures will drop more decisively. Scattered thunderstorms will mainly affect the Alps, the Apennines and the two major islands. Also expected is the arrival of hail locally, which could take on large dimensions.

On Sunday 31 thunderstorms will continue to affect the Alps, the Apennine mountains and will also move to the Triveneto.

Weather, in the bridge of June 2 temperatures will drop

Monday 1 June and Tuesday 2, Republic Day, the weather will continue to be unstable. Showers and thunderstorms will insist on the Triveneto and the Adriatic regions. Locally they could also be quite strong. The bridge will be characterized by lower temperatures than those recorded in the previous days. They will drop 5 degrees below the average for the period.

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