Weather, high pressure on the run. Thunderstorms are coming. Temperatures down



Weather, high pressure on the run. Thunderstorms are coming. Temperatures down

Last two days of pleasant weather and mostly sunny weather, since Friday the high pressure of the Azores will be attacked by an unstable and fresh core of Russian origin. Temperatures will also drop by 7 ° C and will even go below the average for the period. The team of the website announces that on Wednesday and Thursday, apart from isolated storms in the Alps and Calabria, the weather will be sunny and with a pleasant climate. From Friday things will change, the arrival of cooler air will immediately worsen the weather in the Northeast and western Piedmont with showers and some thunderstorms. During the day, thunderstorms will reach the center and then the peninsular south, focusing mainly on the Marche, Abruzzo, Lazio, Molise, Puglia and Apennines in general. The weekend will be characterized by the continuous influx of cooler currents from the northern quadrants and the arrival of intense cloud bodies that will bring thunderstorms with hailstorms especially in the Center-South and in the Alps. The weather will be cool all over the country.

The team at reports that high pressure will return to incorporate a large part of Italy on Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 June. The weather will be marked by the development of afternoon thunderstorms on the mountains, more isolated in the Alps and more common on the southern ones. Temperatures gradually increasing with maximum values ​​that will return pleasant.

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