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Rome, 29 May 2020 – An announcement is expected cool weekend and wet from the rain. The forecast of tomorrow, Saturday 30 May, confirm that the arrival of a cold vortex from Russia will cause one instability phase on Italy, which should last until Sunday. The bridge of 2 June However, it will not be all in the name of bad weather: from Monday the high pressure will strengthen again, creating the conditions for a very sunny Republic Day.

Returning to Saturday, the team warns that the bad weather will affect in particular the Alpine arc, Lazio, the Adriatic regions and much of the South, with heavy showers is temporal. Locally, the website says, “the phenomena could be particularly intense with the possibility of flooding and hailstorms”. The rest of the country will be affected by one diffuse cloud cover, which will still leave room for nice bright spells especially during the afternoon.

According to meteorologists the air of arctic origin will also do precipitate thermometers of varying degrees. In many areas temperatures will lose up to 6-8 ° compared to the past few days, settling on values ​​below the average for the period.

3BMeteo experts complete the picture of this weekend by anticipating that Sunday 31 May there will remain “a certain diurnal instability near the Alps and along the Apennine ridge, where new showers or brief thunderstorms are expected to subside in the evening”. Elsewhere the sky should instead turn out more serene.

Detailed weather forecast for Saturday 30 May

Unstable weather on the Alpine hills, with scattered rainfall between afternoon and evening, even of a thunderstorm nature. Cloudy but dry elsewhere. Down the thermometers: 22 ° in Milan and Turin.

North East
Cloud cover spread over all sectors, although with rain showers and thunderstorms confined only to the Alps and Prealps. Clearer clearings on Emilia Romagna. Expected 20th in Venice and 21st in Bologna.

Showers and possible thunderstorms over Lazio and Abruzzo, especially in the afternoon, for the rest of the sky on average clear or not too cloudy. Some residual rain in the morning in the Marche. Slight thermal drop, with 24 ° in Florence and 20 ° in Rome.

South and Islands
Bad weather day on almost all regions, with wet start in Puglia, Basilicata and Campania reliefs, and subsequent enlargement of the unstable front on Calabria and Sicily. Expected 21st in Naples and 22nd in Palermo.

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