Weather forecast for Tuesday 26 May


High pressure and northerly winds. Clear or partly cloudy skies over all regions, with the exception of some thickening in the Center-North and some instability in Calabria
Tuesday 26 May will be a day characterized mainly by good weather, except in some areas of the North, where clouds will prevail, and in some areas of the South, such as in Calabria, where instability is expected (FORECASTS).

The weather in the North

In the North, expect a day of good weather, with the sky being clear or cloudy. A greater cloud cover may affect the South Tyrolean alpine borders and in the morning the western Veneto and Emilia. Pleasant climate with 20-26 ° C during the day. Partly cloudy day in Milan, as well as in Turin.

The weather in the Center

In the Center, the high pressure will guarantee a largely sunny day on all regions, while the northern winds will cause a drop in temperature, especially on the Adriatic sides. Overcast in the afternoon, on the northern coast of Tuscany. Pleasant climate with maximum values ​​up to 26 ° C on the Tyrrhenian sectors, but not higher than 20 ° C on the Adriatic. Good weather, with some clouds, in Rome, as well as in Florence.

The weather in the South

In the South, however, a certain instability will affect the mountainous Calabria, but without noteworthy rainfall. On the rest of the regions the sun will be more prevalent. Thermal drop in Puglia and maximum values ​​up to 25 ° C in Campania. Few clouds in Naples and bright sun in Palermo.

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