Weather forecast, even unstable Sunday. June, opening of regions and bad weather hypotheses


Rome, 30 May 2020 – Le weather forecast for tomorrow, Sunday 31 May, confirm a weekend closure characterized by the cool climate and some residual showers, especially in the mountainous areas of Italy. The situation is however destined to normalize in view of the Republic Day on June 2nd. As for Sunday, the team of explains that the weather will tend to improve on the previous 24 hours, but we will still have to deal with some afternoon thunderstorms that will affect the central-southern Apennines and to a lesser extent the Alpine reliefs. With the exception of some occasional trespassing of the rains in the plains, on the rest of the country the sky will instead be more serene or not too cloudy, but in a climate that is always rather cool compared to the seasonal averages.

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Rising temperatures

From Monday 1 June (beginning of the meteorological summer) the pressure will begin to rise, bringing the sun back to the center of the scene on most of the boot. The bridge of 2 June will therefore end in style: Tuesday will indeed be a very sunny day characterized by the summer heat, with maximum temperatures that will return to caress the 27-28 ° in the Center North.

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3bmeteo explains, however, that “the time of the first part of the new month will hide many pitfalls”. Experts report that “thehigh pressure of the Azores does not yet seem willing to lay its roots on Europe, on the contrary, it will remain relegated to the full Atlantic and will leave the Old Continent at the mercy of the unstable flows coming from the northern latitudes “. At the moment no heat waves can be seen. But given the temporal distance better to follow the updates.

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Forecasts in detail on Sunday 31 May


Overcast mainly in the morning, but in a stable context, except for rainfall in the Alps. In the afternoon, bright spells. Highs in decline: 20th in Turin and 22nd in Milan.

North East

Very cloudy start on all sectors, with occasional rain showers confined, however, on the alpine sectors. In the afternoon general sunny weather. Expected 20th in Venice and 22nd in Bologna.


Morning with many clouds but dry, followed by worsening on lower Lazio and central Apennines, where scattered thunderstorms are forecast. Clear or partly cloudy elsewhere. Expected 22nd in Florence and 23rd in Rome.

South and Islands

Weather still partially unstable, with thunderstorms in the morning over low Puglia and cloud cover elsewhere. From the afternoon the sun shines, but new showers arrive between Basilicata and Calabria. Stable temperatures: 23 ° in Naples and 22 ° in Palermo.

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