“We take pause for reflection”


Sardine, Santori: We take pause for reflection

Sardines take one “pause for reflection”. It was announced Mattia Santori, the leader and the symbolic face of the anti-sovereign movement, in one letter to activists which was published in full on social media today.

The last act before the break will be Thursday with the delivery, together with three other founders (Giulia Trappoloni, Andrea Garreffa and Roberto Morotti), of the so-called “manifesto of values”. Then, as Santori announces, “we will say goodbye for a legitimate pause for reflection and rest”. In the letter, the leader of the Sardines explains that he feels “responsible for several hundred people waiting for my signal to proceed or to go back” and that this responsibility “weighs on me, as the internal disagreements weigh on me, the quarrels over the posts and the conspiracy paranoia“.

Among the knots that the movement is facing there is also that linked to the nature of the movement, which many would like to transform into a party. “I know you’ve noticed a stall in these weeks. I don’t deny you that this stall is due to tiredness and fear that all the work done so far will result in an advantage for the few and in a disappointment for many, “writes Santori again.

“This tiredness and this fear are not only mine. Otherwise – he underlines – I would not be here to tell you. Otherwise I would not have had a setback. Many times I have proposed to find an alternative to my person. For a long time I have worked for enable a structure that did not depend on me. Yet I realize that I cannot run away from my responsibility towards you. So it is up to me to make the next move. I know that not everyone likes me, aware that someone prefers to make me shoes and discredit the behind me and the people who support me. But aware that unfortunately, although I have tried for months to try to mediate among everyone’s ideas, I cannot detach myself from the precise idea that I have always had of sardines “.

“I know I’m in the minority. I know that many of you don’t feel comfortable in the purely ethical and cultural dimension of politics. You don’t have enough plans, you have very structured ideas, you know a lot of things. I envy you for that. But I feel that the more we take political direction the more we end up imitating others. The more we chase the likes the more we fall into the trap of narcissism“, continues Santori, remarking as” in petitions, in the eternal posts and in the stances I often catch only a lot of frustration and wisdom. But I understand that it is my limit “.

“The manifesto of values ​​is ready. But – precise – we understood that a political manifesto today would lead to new quarrels, to many misunderstandings and a lot of sterile chatter. Same thing for the structure. It is necessary to organize ourselves, but the structure we have worked on. it is objectively early for a group of people who neither trust each other nor know each other “.

Santori then refers to the last act, at least for now, of the Sardines: “I have always had a precise idea of ​​what sardines should have been when they were grown-ups, and perhaps I was wrong to wait all this time to tell you. believe it or not, I was really interested to know what each of you thought about it. Thursday at 7 pm I will tell you what my idea was from the beginning, then we will give you the value manifesto together with Andrea, Giulia and Roberto and we will say goodbye for a legitimate break of reflection and rest. Anyone who wants can participate. ”

And he specifies: “It will not be the end of the sardines. At most one watershed. Certainly a moment of sincere, correct and due confrontation “.

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