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Stefano Bonaccini

They are the men of the moment, Stefano Bonaccini is Luca Zaia, governors of Emilia Romagna and Veneto respectively, virtuous examples in the battle against the coronavirus. Both fly in the polls, their popularity is skyrocketing, so much so that it is assumed that, one day, they can challenge each other as national leaders, leading the center-left and center-left coalition. Zaia has firmly denied it, Bonaccini on the contrary appears a little more open to climbing. And on this point, Bonaccini is asked in an interview with Corriere della Sera: do you think the national challenge with Zaia? “We have been managing an unprecedented crisis for almost three months – the governor of Emilia Romagna replies -. First the health emergency, then the reopening and the restart. We constantly confront Zaia, because our regions are bordering and we have had to face similar problems which are neither right wing nor left wing. The rest, really, I don’t care much “. In short, Bonaccini confirms the axis with Zaia and does not dryly deny his possible national ambitions. i am friend, Nicola Zingaretti. He will trace the right path, I am ready to give my contribution if it is useful, but now the priorities that I have before me as President of the Region are other “, he concludes.

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