“We knew we were campaigning for the Democratic Party” – Libero Quotidiano


The scoop of the Truth, who recounted his maneuvers with the leftist magistrates to attack the interior minister, Matteo Salvini, on the ship issue Diciotti, provoked a bland ex officio defense of the former vice president of the CSM Giovanni Legnini. The same newspaper writes that reports the words of the representative of the Democratic Party: “It was a dutiful intervention, which falls within the competence of the CSM, carried out exclusively to protect the independence of the judiciary from other state powers, and which I would do exactly in the the same terms since I have always fought to affirm the mutual spheres of autonomy between the judiciary and politics. The messages published today (yesterday, ed.) have nothing to do, therefore, with the Palamara affair “.

What has happened with Diciotti is known, and it is also known that after a few months, Legnini will take the field without success for the regional in Abruzzo leading a center-left coalition. Always thanks to the chats acquired by the prosecutors of Perugia both Legnini and Palamara get in touch with the Agrigento prosecutor, Luigi Patronaggio, owner of the file on Salvini. But for Legnini, the Truth concludes, all this is “decontextualized” and “misleading”.

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