“We have a government decision” – Libero Quotidiano


As far as we know, it is a government decision“. So Bergamo prosecutor, Maria Cristina Rota, replied to the microphones of TG3 when asked who should have made a decision on red area. Confirmation of what the governor claimed this afternoon Attilio Fontana, who in the hearing as an informed person confirmed that it was up to Rome to set up a red zone in Alzano Lombardo and Nembro, the two municipalities that experienced a boom in coronavirus infections in early March. The president of the Lombardy Region spent more than two hours before the prosecutors: previously it was the turn of the councilor Giulio Gallera. “We want to work serenely – added the Bergamo prosecutor to the TG3 – we need peace. There is a duty on our part to do justice, at this moment we are on the first step “, or rather the reconstruction of the facts. For the moment they seem to exonerate Lombardy and cast shadows on the government chaired by Giuseppe Conte.

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