we explain Google exposure notifications on Huawei and Samsung


You really can’t take any more of the hoaxes about the Covid-19 app, to which now also adds one fake news related to Google exposure notifications that would already be active on Huawei and Samsung smartphones. The speech, according to the usual conspiracy, it should actually be extended to all those who find themselves with a device Android. We’ve talked about it briefly already on Sunday, but evidently a review is needed at all, in light of the contents published by a boy on Youtube (which has gone viral) and by Byoblu.

The fear that is spread is always the same. According to these subjects, in fact, the Covid-19 app would already be installed on our Android devices, with a simple demonstration that leads us to the so-called Google exposure notifications. Getting there is a breeze, as it is enough to access the settings of your device, then select the item “Google“. Inside, according to the “explorers”, there is the tragic truth hidden by the media: they are already checking us and the Immuni application is already being used against our will.

The hoax on the Covid-19 app and Google exposure notifications on Huawei and Samsung have been explained

The boy we were talking about earlier, during his demonstration speaks by way of example just of Huawei and Samsung. The path described above would be the irrefutable proof of what was previously reported. In reality, does nothing but announce the preparation of our device so that the app provided by the authorities works well once installed. Provided that the bluetooth.

This is a fundamental step, with the specific instructions page published by Google even clearer. In fact, you can also get there from the screen described above, starting from the settings of the various Samsung, Huawei and Android devices enabled. Just Google, in fact, to start invites us to “download an app from your country’s government public health authority“. Without the download of the application, dictated by our will, any other speech fails. Also that relating to Google exposure notifications and, consequently, that of the Covid-19 app. And this, while ByoBlu launches a video titled as follows: “HERE’S HOW THE TRACKING APPS ARE INSTALLED ON SMARTPHONES WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE“.

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