“We came to meet you. I’m sorry I couldn’t make my contribution “


Yesterday afternoon the professional relationship between Roberto Stellone and Ascoli Calcio. The 42-year-old Roman coach, after obtaining 2 points in five games on the Juventus bench, has mutually resolved the agreement with the Corso Vittorio Emanuele club like his collaborators Giorgio Gorgone and Andrea Gennari. Last April 16 the top managers of the Picchio had opted for the unilateral termination of his contract (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS) opening a dispute for the Arbitration Board. Yesterday, however, everything was resolved.

We have found a consensual agreement. We met and it was the right solutionMister Stellone told Picenotime.it in the early afternoon today -. Sorry for the waiver after 30 days, I say it without controversy but I thought I had a little more time available to improve things. However, this is part of football and the patron, not seeing the results, thought it right to change to try a change. I wanted to take this opportunity to greet the players, I have not had the opportunity to do it personally. On March 8th we lost in Chiavari, the following day there was this decision to leave and I didn’t have the opportunity to greet the boys. I want to emphasize how they have always worked hard during training and how they have always been available to me, unfortunately things did not go as we wanted in the game “.

What went wrong in his brief Ascoli parenthesis?

“I’m really sorry I couldn’t give my contribution, for one reason or another. In the first match with Juve Stabia we scored goals in the 95th minute from the goalkeeper, then we played a good first half with Spezia, a good second time with Chievo and a good first half with Pescara. Surely, as a performance, it was little in five games. Maybe 4/5 points could have arrived instead of 2 with a little more luck, football goes like this and when not come the results you change. ”

Did you struggle to find the team’s tactical balance?

“We tried several modules in those five games, except the defense at 3. We played with 4-3-1-2, with 4-2-3-1 and with 4-3-2-1, with a midfield on some occasions at 2 and on others at 3, always maintaining defense 4. Sometimes the results give you more certainties than the tactical modules, if we only did 2 points obviously something did not work, I do not consider it a good role to play gear. “

Do you have any regrets and want to address the square?

“When I decided to come to Ascoli I did it with the utmost passion and commitment to try, given the ranking at that moment, to hit the playoff goal. I did not succeed and I am the first to be sorry. In addition to the players I greet patron Pulcinelli, the president Neri, the sports director of Tesoro and all of them among doctors, masseurs and warehouse workers. A thought also for the fans although we had little time to interact with them. one without an audience, not to mention the postponement of the match with the Cremonese because of Covid 19. Ascoli certainly deserves something more as a square. “.

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