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TO A clean sweep of Corrado Formigli, in the episode aired on La7 on Thursday 28 May, there is talk of the scandal that swept the CSM, starting from the interceptions of Luca Palamara. Guest in the studio to talk about it here Piercamillo Davigo, the magistrate absolute reference point for the M5s universe and for Marco Travaglio, symbol of the most sinister justicialism. And in Davigo puzzling phrases come out of the mouth. One, above all: “The Italian mistake has been to always say: we await the sentences“In short, waiting for the sentences is a mistake: for Davigo one is guilty, immediately, point and stop. Justice is always right. Words that are creepy. Davigo, to justify his ineffectual, then adds:” If I invite you to my neighbor dines and I see him hanging out with my silverware in my pockets, I must not wait for the sentence of the Court of Cassation so as not to invite him again “. A laughable example to try to dampen an unacceptable phrase which, however, perfectly expresses his thought.

Therefore, Davigo is produced in other pearls. For example: “In Italy they all stay in place until the police arrive to pick them up and sometimes even afterwards”. The logic is always that of: all guilty“The classic could not be missing:” I didn’t do anything and I don’t fear anything. “Very well, but someone reminds Davigo that the history of the Italian judicial system is full of stories of people who” I did nothing ” and instead they had a lot, a lot, to fear. Just to be clear, the monologue ultra-manettaro from Davigo has also been commented live on Twitter by Selvaggia Lucarelli, which summed up: “According to Davigo, the suspects / accused should be found guilty for prudence. What a fear,” he concluded.

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