we await CTS report on school distancing, minimum distance teaching, resources for school buildings


Deputy Minister Ascani answered several questions in an interview with Adnkronos.

He complained that the Scientific Technical Committee has not yet sent the data on the relationship between square meters and students, essential for starting the light construction works, which will be the subject of comparison with the regions; hopefully the data will arrive before the end of the week.

Regarding the last day of school, the deputy minister says that it will be possible to do outdoors, not in the classroom, but it will be a free choice of teachers whether to do it or not.

Distance learning has helped relations with the school, but it does not replace face-to-face teaching: therefore Ascani hopes that it will not be used until middle school and reduce it to a minimum in high school.

The privatists will take the admission test to the baccalaureate from 10 July in attendance and the state exam in September, at two different times, but an amendment has been approved, says the deputy minister, which will allow them to enroll conditionally at the university and at competitions, so as not to miss any opportunity.

On the extraordinary chair competition, she is satisfied with the agreement tried in the majority, which will allow you to select on the basis of merit and eliminate the problem of contagions, organizing it in September.

Even for school construction, Ascani is satisfied with the approval of the amendment, which gives more powers to local authorities to act quickly to start construction sites.

A first quantification was made on the resources needed by the school: there are over one billion and 400 thousand euros, which will be used in part for the staff, in part for the endowment of the schools. He then said that other resources will come for school construction or for other needs if these are not enough.

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