“Watch out for the maniacs on the web”


In an outburst on Instagram, the singer warned fans that false photos of her naked were circulating on the Net. And he cornered those responsible.

Elettra Miura Lamborghini is loved on social networks also because she is outspoken, he has no hair on the tongue and even on the thorniest subjects he does not go for the subtle. Not only when it comes to making irony and having fun and entertaining others, but also on serious issues that should never be taken lightly.

Elettra Lamborghini: “Stay away from my photoshopped photos”


Recently, in some Instagram Stories, the Bolognese heiress, grandson of Ferruccio Lamborghini, founder of the historic car manufacturer from Emilia, warned his followers against some photos of her naked that would circulate on the Net and that would actually be fake. Or rather, here’s what the singer explained “All the photos you see around me naked are fake. They are my bikini photos (you can find them on my social networks) and they come photoshopped“.

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He continued the Lamborghini: “These pages only want followers and likes. They promise to send you photos but it’s all fake stuff. They are like viruses, so stay away and above all do not believe that they are real photos “.

From what Elettra said and added, it is not the first time, unfortunately, that has to do with such a problem: “Usually I don’t give a damn about these photos that are shooting, but I’m in pre-cycle and I want to take someone’s head off“.

Elettra Lamborghini: “There are girls who have committed suicide”

Elettra Lamborghini first floor

The singer made an appeal especially thinking about the many teenagers who follow her. “There have been little girls who have committed suicide for this. Seeing so little respect for such serious things really sucks me for the new generations. Be very careful, because there is unfortunately little to do on these things. Once you are online you can report who you want but the photos will remain. The Internet is too deep a sea. Beware of certain maniacs. And above all, don’t believe in certain things. Don’t feed ‘you filthy pigs “. And he didn’t send them to say to the bad guys: “You do the figure of the oil.”

Elettra Lamborghini IMG-20200522-103130

After the long outburst, Elettra turned the page decisively. The singer shared some of her moments with her followers preparations for her wedding in the company of her boyfriend Dj Afrojack. If everything goes smoothly, net of the uncertainties due to the current pandemic, the two could say yes next September.

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