Waste plastic becomes a component for batteries


MILAN – Research work on new types of materials that are suitable for the realization of environmentally friendly batteries is in continuous development. One of the latest discoveries, for example, comes directly from the United States of America. A group of researchers from Purdue University, in Indiana, identified the way to transform the waste plastic in a material that can become part of the components of the battery, including those of the electric cars. The study, conducted by several scientists led by the Doctor Vilas Pol, was published in the magazine ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering.

Sodium terephthalate synthesized by PET degradation

Scientists from the Purdue Universityby engineering, they found a solution to synthesize sodium terephthalate through the PET degradation. Sodium terephthalate is a molecule which can be used as anodic material in lithium ion batteries instead of graphite which, to date, is the most requested element.

The Professor Vilas Pol claimed that the lithium-ion technology is increasingly dominating both theportable electronics than that of the electric vehicles. Research on sodium ion batteries however he is gaining ground (and considerable attention) thanks to his low cost and at interesting electrochemical performances.

A new way to recycle PET

The team of the Purdue University he thus introduced two novelties. The first is the synthesis method of sodium terephthalate which occurs by microwave bombardment of the PET flakes in a process lasting a few minutes. Finally, the second concerns the theme ofenvironmental sustainability. The PETin fact, it is a material found in great abundance on Earth and locate a further way to recycle it it’s a particularly important aspect, especially if you’re talking about producing a new type of battery anymore sustainable.

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by Rossella Digiacomo

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