Washington is pressing on Beijing and Moscow, Trump is now willing to resume nuclear tests. – The print


WASHINGTON. The Trump administration has discussed the possibility of conducting the first American nuclear test since 1992, a move that would have far-reaching consequences for relations with other nuclear powers. The Washington Post reports, citing some sources, according to which the American security agencies spoke of the possibility only last Friday. The discussion follows allegations made by some administration officials in Russia and China who are “guilty” of conducting nuclear tests. A nuclear test, according to some administration officials, could be useful in Washington’s negotiations with Russia and China to regulate nuclear arsenals. The discussion has not reached any conclusions for the moment but the proposal remains on the table despite the National Nuclear Security Administration’s decision to oppose it.

The United States has not conducted nuclear explosion tests since September 1992 and supporters of nuclear weapon non-proliferation would have destabilizing consequences, with the potential to blow up talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as well.

The internal reflection of the Administration filters on the days when the United States announced – last Thursday – the exit from the multilateral Open Skies agreement, “Open skies”, one of the most important bilateral arms control agreements signed with Moscow. “I have good relations with the Russians – said the President of the United States – but they have not respected the treaty”. Washington will exit the agreement in six months. The allies – including Italy – instead will remain bound by the treaty.

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