Was Death Stranding a commercial flop? Here are the words of Kojima


Death Stranding, the latest work produced by Kojima Production has been on everyone’s lips for a long time both before and after its release. Being a particular and unique product of its kind, the game was the protagonist of some very heated discussions and rumors that imputed a alleged commercial flop, never actually confirmed by Sony or by Kojima Production itself.

He recently wanted to speak directly on the matter Hideo Kojima, who was interviewed by the editorial staff of Livedoor News. Kojima stated that Death Stranding has not only managed to cover all production costs but at the moment it is already starting to generate profits for the development team and the publisher; all in just about six months from the game’s release on PlayStation 4.

Speaking of the future, Death Stranding still has room for improvement in terms of sales, given that the title is also about to be released on the PC market next July. Kojima pera doesn’t seem to be able to stand around, and he has confirmed that he is already working on his new project, which at the moment is something completely wrapped in mystery, finally confirming that it is not involved in any way in the development of titles of the Metal Gear or Silent Hill sagas.

We remind you that Death Stranding is coming next July 14 on PC and will be available for purchase on the Steam and Epic Games Store digital stores. What do you think of Hideo Kojima’s statements against the alleged commercial flop of Death Stranding? Tell us yours in the comments section.

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