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Lately Call of Duty: Warzone has introduced new places and points of interest within its game map, i bunker. These are very important buildings in the game economy: the participants of the competition can reach them to get all their money and loot, benefiting greatly. But what is the location of all bunkers?

Finally let’s move on to show you the location of all secret bunkers of Call of Duty: Warzone, so you can easily reach them. If you wish, you could also consider using them as a trap for the enemies, as some players have already done with bunker 11. To access a single bunker, however, a access key: the latter can be collected randomly in the game map or from the loot of the eliminated players.

L’image below will show you at a glance where to find all the bunkers Call of Duty: Warzone, so keep it within sight during the game. And be very careful, because being hot places sooner or later they will always be full of enemies to face. Hopefully the Gulag glitch will not occur, which makes the area look like a haunted graveyard.

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