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Recently the developers of Call of Duty: Warzone have added a new form of transportation to the free Battle Royale: the helicopters. Destiny wants every game that welcomes such means of transport to then begin to experience obvious problems: it had happened with Fortnite in 2019, it happens these days with Call of Duty: Warzone. The helicopter hitbox “is broken”, according to the players.

There are many Call of Duty: Warzone players, competitive or otherwise, who in the last few hours are reporting helicopter “malfunctions”. The means of transport still allow you to transport yourself and the whole team for long journeys, this has not changed; but it seems that shoot down a helicopter has become really easy, especially if in possession of explosive weapons. In particular, it seems that it is not even necessary for a rocket to actually hit the medium: look at the video shown below.

The hitbox radius of the helicopter against explosives is BEYOND broken, please fix from r / CODWarzone

The hitbox of the helicopters of Call of Duty: Warzone would not work correctly: it would also be enough to aim “around” the aircraft to hit it perfectly, and then shoot it down since the health of the vehicle is certainly not exceptional. Some contested this problem, claiming that the video replays saved by Call of Duty: Warzone on consoles are not very accurate: but the footage after all speaks for itself.

By the way all this has changed only after the last one updating of the Activision title: who knows if the developers will make changes in time for the launch of Season 4, scheduled for the first days of June 2020.

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