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And if the flight of birds reveal the location of enemies up Call of Duty: Warzone? It may seem like an imaginative theory, yet more and more players of Activision’s “new” Battle Royale are asking themselves the same question these days. We try to go into more detail and think about this aspect of production, also by leveraging the testimonials available on the web.

For example, look at this video made by user Reddit Noahthegoofy: “yesterday I understood that the flight of birds can reveal your position“. Noah immediately spotted an enemy on Call of Duty: Warzone, coincidentally a few moments after a flock of birds had left that apparently uninhabited place. No trick like the stalking at Bunker 11: here it seems to be just a feature of play.

Yesterday I learned that birds can give away your position from r / CODWarzone

The audience of Reddit players at this point he split into two factions: supporters of this Call of Duty: Warzone-themed theory, and detractors. For the latter it would simply be a chance coincidence, pure chance. But here’s the comment from _my_eye_holes_, according to which the flight of birds represents a feature of the game and not a random detail: “I saw birds flying away from my position while moving in the woods, and I was inside the safe zone, so I think it makes sense. ”

Activision has not made any statements on the matter, not for the moment at least. So we do not know if the flight of birds actually reveals the position of the enemies, but it is likely so: if therefore you see a flock near your position … be alert. And be alert even when you approach a bunker: here is the location of all the secret places in an image.

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