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In the past few weeks two aspects of Call of Duty: Warzone immediately attracted the attention of players from all over the world: the glitches, and then the gulag (one of the most popular play areas). These two aspects of production today merge in the curiosity we are about to tell you: it seems that the Gulag has become a sort of haunted cemetery.

Fault of a glitch, Once again. This time there are no secondary problems of Call of Duty: Warzone, such as that of the helicopter hitbox: simply some players of Activision’s Battle Royale went to the Gulag only to end up eliminated without understanding absolutely anything what was happening.

A kind of fog it enveloped the whole place, accompanied by the disappearance of the textures: in this way the overall effect of estrangement gave the impression of being in a cemetery, in a situation at times paranormal. As always a video it is worth a thousand words: look at yourself.

There is a kind of fog in the Call of Duty: Warzone Gulag, and when the player fires the latter rises with a cloud of particles. In the end the players who posted this and other videos on social networks are eliminated: it is not known if the opponents are also afflicted by the same glitch. In all probability Activision will intervene with one correction in time for the launch of Season 4, scheduled for early June 2020.

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